[1.1.34] Mise à jour de la Zipabox

Découvrez le patch-note de la version 1.1.34 de la Zipabox de Zipato



– General: send fail status if syncrules fail

– General: add /v2/schedules API

– General: don’t double URLDecode query parameters

– General: save only networks and children to cloud logging changes

– General: made rekey save the new certificate marked error message

– General: prevent box freeze with broken data from server

– General: use RSA/ECB/Pkcs1Pasdding instead of RSA

– General: creating openssl compatible certificates

– General: lines in BASE64 cert normalized to 64 chars

– General: add support for snapshots

– Alarm: keep zone state on sync

– Alarm: arm health zones on sync

– Alarm: add transactionId to message on disarm

– Intercom: added missing endpoint source for IntercomEvent

– Z-Wave: enable backup/restore for 400 series

– Z-Wave: fix wrong BARRIER_OPERATOR command class code

– Z-Wave: properly interpret BARRIER_OPERATOR_REPORT

– Z-Wave: fix slot status when resetting slot

– Z-Wave: added backup/restore

– Z-Wave: CONFIGURATION command class handling refactored

– Z-Wave: increase SAPI ACK timeout

– Z-Wave: do not create tamper binary sensor endpoint on Z-Wave Plus devices

– Z-Wave: add simple barrier control cluster

– Z-Wave: basic Z-Wave OTA upgrade implementation

– Z-Wave: duplicate frame detection only active for APPLICATION_COMMANDHANDLER_BRIDGE

– Z-Wave: redirect BASIC_SET to main endpoint when appropriate

– Z-Wave: increase offline device pinger absolute timeout period

– Z-Wave: do not ignore BASIC_SET on group endpoints

– Z-Wave: add missing specific device classes

– Z-Wave: fix wrong user code status

– Z-Wave: implement user code reset

– KNX: server side discovery fix

– KNX: add support for KNX IP tunnel

– MQTT: add mqtt network

– ARW: round temperature to 2 decimals

– RF433: fix for 433 shutter

– RF433: add support for Oregon THGN122N

– RF433: add support for Chuango RC-80 Keyfob

– RF433: implemented Blinds T6 protocol

– Modbus: added support for CoolMasterNet Controller

– Sia: don’tt send supervision by default

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